Topics and Guests, July 25

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume.

Jim Angle reports: The Senate version of President Bush's Homeland Security bill draws a White House veto threat. The administration wants more flexibility in hiring and spending than Senate Democrats appear willing to grant.

Carl Cameron reports: Former Vice President Al Gore is on the run to point out the weaknesses in President Bush's economic plan and his economic advisers.

Catherine Herridge reports: The U.S. government's case against Zacarias Moussaoui takes another bizarre turn as the accused Sept. 11 terrorist tells a federal judge that he wants to plead guilty to four of the six charges against him — and then abruptly withdraws his guilty plea after arguing with the judge.

Jennifer Griffin reports: Why is Iraq offering money to the relatives of Palestinian suicide bombers? Join us to find out.

Steve Brown reports: We give you the latest on a child pornography case known as "Operation Candyman."

Jonathan Serrie reports: What do South Carolina politicians have in common with pick-up trucks?

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