Topics and Guests for July 24

John Rigas, the founder of cable television giant Adelphia Communications Corp. was arrested Wednesday along with two of his sons, accused of looting the now-bankrupt company and using it as their "personal piggy bank."

Will the arrests have a cleansing effect on the markets? Or does the SEC have much more work to do before investor confidence returns? You'll get a complete report.

Plus, I'll break down the legal side of the arrests with Greta Van Susteren, host of On the Record; white-collar criminal defense attorney Frank Razzano and former federal prosecutor Lis Wiehl.

What would happen to the bear market if terrorists struck now? I'll ask Elaine Garzarelli, the market guru that correctly predicted the market crash of 1987.

Plus, outspoken Cypress Semiconductor CEO T.J. Rodgers weighs in on the future of corporate governance.

Are we so focused on the state of markets that we've forgotten about the state of the war on terror? I'll ask Fox News military analyst Colonel David Hunt and Matt Epstein, assistant director of the Investigative Project.

Has the market's roller coaster ride left you stock shocked? Fox News contributor Dr. Georgia and Fox Business News analyst have advice on how individual investors can calm their nerves.

And, he's entering virgin territory with his newest venture. But, will it fly? Sir. Richard Branson joins me to discuss Virgin Wireless.

We'll have these stories and more!

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