Topics and Guests for July 24

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Topics and Guests for July 24:

Elizabeth Smart's father encouraged by forensic artist's work
Jeanne Boylan, renowned forensic artist and author of Portraits of Guilt where she profiles the faces of America's deadliest criminals

Wall Street Journal piece
Ambassador Dennis Ross, former special Middle East coordinator

Smart and Runnion investigation: Where did investigators go wrong? Where did investigators do right?
Pat Brown, criminal profiler and CEO of Sexual Homicide Exchange

The U.S. plans to take a harder line toward Iran. Will this hurt U.S. efforts to topple Iraq's Saddam Hussein?
Amb. Edward Peck, former U.S. ambassador to Iraq
Retired Col. Patrick Lang,U.S. Army

Vanderbuilt professor who was born into poverty calls for change in affirmative action
Carol Swain, Vanderbuilt professor and author of The New White Nationalism in America: Its Challenge to Integration

Ariel Sharon's son Omri might hold the key of hope for peace in the Middle East in the meantime he holds private meetings with Yasser Arafat
Guy Lawson, writer

Easing Mideast tensions
Natan Sharansky, deputy prime minister of Israel

Muslim extremist arrives in Michigan: Is Omar Shishani linked to Al Qaeda? What has been the community reaction?
Osama Siblani, editor -in-chief and publisher of Arab American News

Celebrities scammed
Randall Lane, editor-in–chief of Justice magazine

Radiation threat detection device demonstration
Ralph Sheridan, CEO and president of American Science & Engineering

More on Moussaoui
Mark Hulkower, former federal prosecutor
Natasha Lapiner-Giresi, criminal defense attorney 

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change