Topics and Guests for July 23

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Topics and Guests for July 23:

Runnion murder charged
Tony Rackauckas, Orange County district attorney

Paid kidnapping? Innocent fun or dangerous antics
Brock Enright, kidnapping service creator/artist
Elizabeth Alderman, the dealership gallery director

The Country Bears opens on July 26 in theaters
Haley Joel Osment, actor

U.S. troops provide extra security in Afghanistan: Are we losing the war in the region? How much longer do we stay there?
Retired Major General Donald Edwards, U.S. Army

U.S. seizes suspected Al Qaeda trainee for carrying $12 million in phony checks
Retired Capt. David Christian, Army

Attorney General asks the state dept. to list nine groups and companies as terrorists and to ban members from entering the U.S.
Larry Johnson, former CIA officer

MLK III views on hip-hop and rap and the SCLC 44th national convention
Martin Luther King III, CEO and president of SCLC

The Van Dam murder trial resumes after a week hiatus
Marjorie Cohn, criminal defense attorney
Rick Roberts, radio host, KFMB radio

Pope John Paul II sets out for Canada, Guatemala and Mexico
Amb. Raymond Flynn, former U.S. ambassador to the Vatican and former mayor of Boston 


Radiation threat detection device demonstration
Ralph Sheridan, CEO and president of American Science and Engineering

The prosecutor behind Tom Green's bigamy convictions is helping Green's wives and children move closer to the prison where he is serving time
David Leavitt, Juab County attorney

California group wants to change city ordinances to refer to pet owners as "guardians." Will animals soon get the same legal rights as people?
Elliot Katz, veterinarian and president and founder of in Defense of Animals
Duane Flemming, veterinarian and lawyer

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change