Fight Over Ted Williams' Body Headed for Court After Settlement Scuttled

The possibility of an out-of-court agreement on what to do with the body of baseball great Ted Williams collapsed Tuesday as two of his children called off talks with their half-sister.

Robert Goldman, an attorney for John Henry Williams and Claudia Williams, withdrew their court request to reach a private settlement. In court documents, they said Bobby-Jo Williams Ferrell has "no intention of making any good faith effort to reach a private understanding."

Ted Williams died July 5 at the age of 83. His body was sent to an Arizona laboratory to be frozen on the orders of John Henry Williams and Claudia Williams.

Ferrell wants to retrieve her father's body, cremate it and sprinkle his ashes off the coast of Florida, as Williams' will dictates.

The estate's executor, Al Cassidy, and the other two children have said Williams had a change of heart after the will was drafted in December 1996 and wanted to be preserved.

Chip Tuttle, a spokesman for Williams' estate, said: "It appears the Williams family will not be able to resolve this matter privately and will move forward to seek help from the court."