Conan O'Brien, Martha Stewart and Frasier


Shouldn't Jay Leno have gotten the nod as Emmy host instead of Conan O'Brien? Not according to the bigs at NBC. Conan says there's no feud between the two late night stars — in fact, he says he called Jay for advice. Leno told him to make sure "you have good jokes and a good tuxedo." Conan says Jay has so many cars that nothing bothers him. Um, so much for the good jokes. 

The NBC movie about Martha Stewart is supposedly on a fast track — even though they don't have a lead actress yet. The network is promising the film will be up-to-the-minute, including her latest stock trades. Maybe they should run the ticker at the bottom of the screen like CNBC. One NBC exec says the movie is "bound to stir the pot." Those NBC execs are such cards. Who's writing his stuff — Conan? By the way, I choose Candice Bergen to play Martha. 

Finally, one of the greatest relationships on television will come to an end on September 24. That's when producers say Niles and Daphne will get married on Frasier. Nothing against marriage, but for sitcoms, it's the death knell. E-mail me one example of a show that got better when two of the stars got married.