Timeline of Events for Thursday, September 13

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Thursday, Sept. 13

20:00 — Department of Justice changes plans, decides against releasing the names and photos of the hijackers Thursday.

19:06:11 — New York mayor says that at this point, none of the buildings that are left standing have been found to be structurally unsound.

18:47:13 — The Associate Press reports: New York City's three major airports were closed on Thursday as the FBI detained three people at Kennedy airport for questioning, according to a law enforcement source, speaking on condition of anonimity, who declined further comment.

18:17:32 — Capitol Situation ends — Two bomb sniffing dogs had "hits" so they sent in equipment and evacuated as a precaution. Situation is clear and over.

18:09:29 — Fox News Channel reports that four suspects are under arrest at New York's JFK airport.

18:02:55 — Broadcast reports say federal officials have ordered a stop to all air traffic in and out of the New York area airports because of some sort of FBI activity.

17:56:44 — Suspicious package found at the Hart Building of the Senate.

17:50:10 — Vice President Dick Cheney is moved to Camp David. His spokeswoman calls it a "purely precautionary measure" in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks.

17:42:41 — Amtrak starts accepting plane tickets.

17:26:26 — U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill said that he remained confident in the U.S. economy after the terror attacks in New York and Washington, and that prospects for an economic rebound in the United States remain unchanged.

17:25:41 — The terrorist organization headed by Usama bin Laden has cells identified or suspected in 34 countries or territories, and represents "a global threat" to the United States, a congressional report says.

17:01:56 — Black box found at Pennsylvania crash site.

16:21:10 — Authorities now say that only two firefighters were rescued Thursday, not five, and they had been missing only since Thursday morning.

15:27:29 — Major League baseball to postpone all games through Sunday, two baseball team owners say.

15:23:20 — Stock trading will resume at 9:30 a.m. ET Monday.

15:22:30 — President Bush designates tomorrow a national day of prayer and remembrance and urges Americans to honor terror attack victims.

14:43:19 — Firefighters report hearing some tapping sounds beneath the rubble at World Trade Center, indicating perhaps more survivors beneath the wreckage.

14:36:41 — The Pentagon releases a partial list of names of those missing in attack.

14:19:48 — Top floors buckling at evacuated skyscraper next to World Trade Center complex.

14:02:26 — 42 Navy personnel unaccounted for in the Pentagon.

13:53:07 — Another building within the World Trade Center complex is collapsing.

13:52:39 — Colin Powell says Usama bin Laden is the prime candidate in the attacks.

13:45:28 — NASCAR'S New Hampshire 300 Winston Cup race on Sunday postponed, track owners say.

13:29:55 — Five firefighters are rescued from the wreckage at the World Trade Center.

13:04:31 — Colin Powell: The U.S. is going to have a responsible talk with the Pakistani government.

12:55:25 — Attorney General John Ashcroft: The FBI hotline has received at least 2000 tips. None of the black boxes have been retrieved. The total number of hijackers was 18 — two planes with 5 hijackers and two with 4.

12:47:04 — Attorney General Ashcroft: My duty is to begin to process relief to the families. The Public Safety Officers Benefits Act provides $150k to widows of police and other public safety officers

12:36:41 — Deputy Defense Secretary Wolfowitz says the U.S. will conduct a sustained military response to terrorist attacks.

12:19:20 — The Pentagon says we're not bombing Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the Taliban is "desperate" to avoid a U.S. attack everyone presumes is coming at some point, and so they are reiterating their claims that Bin Laden is completely contained, and innocent of this and previous terrorist attacks attributed to him.

11:48:05 — Usama bin Laden, a key suspect in Tuesday's terrorist assault, changed locations within Afghanistan just minutes after reports of the attacks, a Pakistani intelligence source said. Bin Laden would not tell anyone where he was moving, the source told the Associated Press on condition of anonymity.

11:40:37 — George Bush Sr. says the president has a fantastic national security team behind him. The former president is also a "little annoyed" by attacks on his son regarding secrecy procedures because the precautions are justified.

11:30:16 — The NFL has decided not to play games this weekend because of terrorist attacks.

11:14:49 — The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey says Staten Island bridges reopened at 9:10 a.m. after a half-hour shutdown. New York Police believed that there was a vehicle suspected of being involved in this week's events. Officials say that report turned out to be unfounded.

11:02:09 — In a conference call with New York Gov. George Pataki and Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, President Bush announces he will travel to the city on Friday. He says America will win in the war against terrorism.

10:45:06 — Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta: Agents from the DOJ and Treasury will be deployed to airports across the country serving as a visible reminder to protect the safety of American people and travelling public. We need armed and trained personnel on airplanes. It would take several weeks to train officers to be federal air marshals. We are asking for expeditious action from the Department of Defense to lend us some folks from the Delta Forces.

10:35:29 — Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta: Effective 11:00 our national airspace will open to commercial aviation. Airports will reopen after they meet the new stringent guidelines.

10:12:27 — New York Mayor Giuliani: Air quality being monitored

10:03:31 — Gov. George Pataki: 633 3rd Ave will become business economic recovery center.Primary rescheduled for September 25th, runoff on October 11.

10:03:01 — Gov. George Pataki: Javits Center will become hub for volunteers

10:01:20 — Mayor Rudolph Giuliani: trying to open 14th street south by midnight, or tomorrow morning, up to Canal Street. West Street will remain closed. 

10:00:41 — Mayor Rudolph Giuliani: Armory is family center on 26th street. It has registered over 2,000 families yesterday. If you are looking for someone, that's the place to come to bring identifying data.

9:59:53 — Mayor Rudolph Giuliani: 4,763 on missing persons list, including plane manifest, ids from family members and businesses. It could turn out to be fewer or more than that

9:59:27 — Mayor Rudolph Giuliani: In many cases, we have the gruesome situation of recovering parts of bodies — we have 70 parts of bodies

9:58:36 — Mayor Rudolph Giuliani: 94 bodies recovered, 46 identified

9:58:04 — Mayor Rudolph Giuliani: We've moved more than 200 trucks of debris — 6,000 tons out of the area — most to fresh kills for analysis

9:50:14 — Report: 190 people have died at Pentagon. That includes the passengers and crew of the airliner that was flown into the building.

9:44:16 — Administration sources say it is still not 100% sure that Usama bin Laden was behind the attacks. Many of the suspects were travelling on Saudi passports — no evidence of state sponsorship as yet.

9:41:27 — Report: Pentagon tally is now at 190 deaths

8:40:59 — The Associated Press is reporting the latest tally at more than 4,000 total — 3,700 missing in New York, the 266 on the planes, 150 missing Pentagon personnel

8:28:34 — Report: Bond trading resumed for the first time in two days as the financial markets began limited operations following the World Trade Center attacks. The Chicago Board of Trade opened in an abbreviated session for trading in commodities and some financial products, including bonds.

8:27:19 — Recap of Florida suspects: Two men who came to Florida for flight training school a year ago are now considered suspects in the FBI investigation into the terror attacks in New York and Washington. A source identified the men as Mohamed Atta and Marwan Alshehhi.

8:00:40 — New York Mayor Giuliani: The number of body bags are not reflective of number of dead — need a body bag for each body part found, missing persons list is more accurate gauge

7:54:13 — Department of Transportation will reopen airways effective 1100 thursday

7:52:36 — Report: An evacuation is underway from the area of the Pentagon

7:52:36 —  Report: an evacuation is underway from the area of the Pentagon

7:44:14 —  New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani says 3,700 people are missing

7:16:02 —  New York tally: five rescued Wednesday, 82 dead recovered

7:14:05 —  Report: 11,000 body bags have been ordered by NYC

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