Timeline of Events for Friday, September 14

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22:59 — The House joins the Senate in authorizing Bush to use "all necessary force." The vote was 420-1, with Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., the lone dissenter.

22:54 — FBI reports that it found the voice recorder from the Pennsylvania plane crash. 

21:00 — New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani says in a press conference that 124 have been confirmed dead and no survivors have been rescued from the World Trade Center in the last 24 hours. 

19:48:00 — Arrest warrant issued in investigation of terrorist attacks, government official says.

19:00:00 — The FBI says three of the five men suspected of hijacking the jet that crashed into the Pentagon lived in San Diego last year. 

18:14:30 — Officials initially tell the Associated Press that the FBI has information indicating Atlanta and Richmond, Virginia may have been targeted by terrorists, but further investigation discredits that report.

17:37:34 — It is announced that Logan International Airport will reopen at 5 a.m. Saturday.

16:40:56 — Bush addresses workers via megaphone. He tells them that the nation sends it's love and thanks them for their hard work. The workers clap, cheer and chant, " USA, USA."

16:38:25 — The Canadian Solicitor General states that there is no evidence any of the hijackers entered the U.S. through Canada.

16:09:13 — The Associated Press reports the government is allowing most private planes to resume flying.

15:50:06 — Report: Corporations come together to pledge $105 million in aid for Tuesday's terrorist attacks.

15:42:30 — President Bush arrives in New York City.

14:50:38 — FBI Director Robert Mueller: The flight data recorders retrieved from the Pentagon crash site have not yielded anything so far; there have been no FBI arrests; Thursday's airport detentions were related to immigration; there have been 36,000 total leads on Tuesday's attacks; there are 4,000 special agents and 3,000 support personnel on the case.

14:43:21 — Attorney General John Ashcroft releases the names of people that investigators would like to talk to. The nature of the list is that it will be changing constantly.

14:24:22 — Secretary of State Colin Powell on the Taliban: You cannot separate a country that harbors and supports terrorists from the crimes perpetrated by terrorists. We are going to use all the tools and weapons we can to fight this war.

14:15:55 — President Bush declares a national emergency.

14:02:10 — The Associated Press reports President Bush has signed an order calling up 50,000 reservists.

13:51:59 — John Irby, the director of federal facilities for the Defense Department, estimates it will cost between $100 million and $1 billion to repair the Pentagon. He says that two-thirds of the building are operating normally.

13:04:27 — The State Department says that it is very pleased with the response it's getting from countries all over the world — including Islamic countries like Sudan and Gatar. How foreign governments respond to the U.S.'s call for solidarity will determine the course of alliances, according to one defense official.

13:00:43 — U.S. intelligence officials tell Fox News that there were "several of the usual little warnings" intercepted by various nations and intelligence-gathering organizations worldwide before Tuesday's attacks but that there was "no single big one". Sources also say the intercepts came from India and at least two other countries.

12:32:22 — Fox News learns that the flight recorders recovered at the Pentagon may be blank.

12:30:42 — Reuters reports that most of the hijackers in the New York and Pennsylvania crashes were from Florida. Seven of the 19 hijackers are believed to have been trained pilots, according to the FBI.

12:23:27 — The 19th suspect who the FBI says was among the hijackers that crashed into the Pentagon is Hani Hanjour and is believed to have lived in Phoenix and San Diego.

12:16:52 — A Justice Department official says one more suspect has been added to the list of hijackers for total of 19.

12:15:06 — Reuters reports that U.S. Defense Secretary Rumsfeld has called up 35,000 reserve troops.

12:05:25 — Reuters reports that a Justice Department official says there is a possibility that the voice recorder from the plane that crashed into the Pentagon is damaged.

11:41:22 — Fox News confirms the names of Tuesday's hijackers and the planes that they were on.

11:18:27 — An FAA official tells Fox News that all three New York City area airports opened as of 10:57 a.m.

11:00:19 — New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani says he will try to open as much of the city's Wall Street financial district "as possible" by Monday, after the deadly attack on the World Trade Center blocked off the area for much of this week.

10:53:12 — Miss. Sen. Trent Lott: "We cannot take out a single plane. We have to take out the carrier — in this case, terrorism."

10:49:54 — Reuters reports Congress has officially passed the use of force resolution

10:49:24 — The Senate approves a $ 40 billion package of emergency aid to help the victims of the terrorist attacks and to hunt down those responsible.

10:22:23 — Reuters reports that Congressional leaders have agreed to authorize "all necessary and appropriate force" to retaliate for Tuesday's attacks.

9:58:21 — New York Mayor Giuliani to the media: Please be more careful about confirming information before you run with it. Some reports of arrests and rescues have been false.

9:56:20 — At a press conference in New York City, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani says that rescue efforts at the World Trade Center will go on, no matter how dangerous. He also warns of an illegitimate telemarketing firm that has been calling around and asking for donations.

9:55:19 — Reuters reports that officials say President Bush is likely to approve a reservist call-up Friday.

9:25:22 — Wires report that all persons detained last night at New York airports have been released.

9:05:52 — Police say an armed man attempted to set a fire at mosque in Seattle. He has been arrested.

9:03:31 — Reuters reports that frightened Afghans are fleeing the capital, haunted by fears that the U.S. will soon unleash military strikes in retaliation for the devastating terror attacks on New York and Washington.

8:47:16 — "The reports this morning are erroneous over who was arrested, what they had in their possession and why they were arrested," Sen. Joseph Biden of Delaware, head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, says.

8:27:36 — Rain in New York City is complicating rescue efforts.

8:21:02 — Tally: There are 184 confirmed fatalities, and 4,763 people are reported missing at the World Trade Center.

8:16:12 — The Associated Press reports up to nine men and one woman were detained at all three of the New York City area airports. They were allegedly trying to pose as flight crew members and were carrying fake IDs and flight training manuals.

7:50:42 — The Coast Guard boards a Carnival cruise ship approaching Miami, taking two people off the ship and turning them over to the FBI. No disclosure on how this ties in to Thursday's detainments at New York City area airports.

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