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Topics and Guests for July 18:

Police think 5-year-old Samantha Runnion's killer may still be in state; several men detained, but no breakthroughs yet
Mike Carona, Orange County sheriff

Moussaoui tries to plea guilty
Mark Hulkhower, former federal prosecutor of eastern district of Virginia

John Magaw resigning
Mary Schiavo, aviation disaster attorney

Stuart Little 2 opens today
Geena Davis, actress

House Ethics Committee votes unanimously to expel Traficant. What's next?
Cliff May, foundation for the Defense of Democracies
Julian Epstein, former counsel for the House Judiciary Committee

This week in media
Eric Burns, host of Fox News Watch

How parents can teach their children how to protect themselves from strangers
Bob Stuber, founder of Escape School

Moussaoui admits to being a member of Al Qaeda
Michael Battles, former CIA operations officer

Vanished: unsolved abductions
Two girls still missing form Oregon City
Charles Mathews, FBI special agent in charge

Latest news for military
Captain Chuck Nash, retired U.S. Navy captain

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change