Timeline of Events for Saturday, September 15

Sunday, Sept. 16
Saturday, Sept. 15
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Thursday, Sept. 13

9:25:27 — At the World Trade Center rescue site, Fox News' Molly Falconer heard reports that bodies of two more firefighters were pulled out of the rubble last night.

8:26:01 — Reuters: United Arab Emirates Oil Minister Obaid bin Saif al-Nasseri said that oil cartel OPEC would act immediately if prices rose above an acceptable level following Tuesday's attacks. Major oil firms are urging their staffs in the Persian Gulf to take care, restrict travel and prepare to pack up and leave if there is heavy U.S. military retaliation for this week's terrorist attacks.

7:35:23 — Reuters: German Defense Minister Rudolf Scharping said the first decisions about the participation of the German army in possible U.S. military action would be taken next week.

7:30:47 — Reuters: Afghanistan's ruling Taliban movement asked all foreigners to leave the country in view of a possible attack by the United States, the Pakistan-based Afghan Islamic Press reported.

7:11:01 — Reuters: Iraqi President Saddam Hussein urged the United States and other western states to avoid military action.

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