Parting Thoughts on Samatha Runnion

I can't stop thinking about the case of Samatha Runnion.

Here's a five-year-old girl who did everything her mom told her to do: She stayed close to home, played with a companion, and fought fiercely when a man tried to abduct her. But he succeeded and then spent hours beating her, molesting her, killing her and posing her body — gruesomely and exploitatively — along a public roadside.

I can't remember the last time a story made me this sick ... or angry. This is a story about evil as grotesque and unimaginable as Usama bin Laden's — and as far as I'm concerned, no torture is bad enough for the man responsible.

We all have a duty to teach kids to protect themselves — to keep watch ourselves for such sickos. But there's one more point: Hollywood — and to a certain extent official Washington — now treats sex as a sacred thing, and love merely as a nice option.

We're breeding a culture that regards people, especially females, as objects — and creates a market for horrifying violence. Say what you will, that's also part of the problem.

We're honest these days about predators. Shouldn't we wise up about their glamorous role models, too?