Crossroads, The Time Machine and Kung Pow: Enter the Fist

Crossroads, The Time Machine and Kung Pow: Enter the Fist in the DVD glow of The Foxlight.

Did you miss this one in the theaters or were you one of the 12 people that actually showed up for Britney Spears film debut Crossroads? Now that it's new on DVD and video you can sneak it out of the store without the embaressment of being spotted by friends at the multiplex. Britney is one of three friends from a small Georgia town heading for a Los Angeles music contest. Too bad Simon from American Idol wasn't one of the judges. One of the girls is a cheerleader, one a burnout and one a straight A student. Are you ready for this? Britney plays the brains of the outfit. That's acting.

Next, 'Sherman, set the Way Back Machine.' Guy Pearce should have known better, but here he is time traveling in a remake of the 60's camp classic The Time Machine. So much is lifted from the original it's practically a Xerox. Pearce probably wishes he'd traveled back to the time he was offered this clunker and made a different decision.

Finally, no one was Kung Fu fighting to get into this thing at theaters but maybe on video smaller laughs feel bigger. This is Kung Pow: Enter the Fist. It's comedian and writer Steve Oedekerk's "ode" to kung fu movies. He chops himself into a real 1976 kung fu movie called Savage Killers. Expect lots of dubbing jokes a la Woody Allen's mid sixties classic What's Up, Tiger Lilly. That was back when it was OK for Woody to fool around with teenage Asian girls.