Angelina Jolie, Billy Bob, P. Diddy and Anna Nicole Smith

Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton, P.Diddy and Anna Nicole Smith in the reality bites glow of The Foxlight.

So Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob are officially over? Who gets the tiny viles of blood?

Now Webster's has to recall all their new dictionaries and change the definition under creepy to "the former couple." She says he was too busy with his musical career. Oh, I think we've all been camping out at venues for weeks waiting for Billy Bob tickets to go on sale. He has a musical career about as successful as a Martha Stewart Business and Charm School.

And we're finally getting details on that new P. Diddy reality program. MTV says we only get to see his professional life. We don't care how he negotiates a deal, do we? So if he heads back into a disco with J-Lo and guns blazing we'll only have the club's security cameras on Hard Copy?

Anna Nicole Smith is getting a new reality show on VH1. She's like Chinese food and sausage, I really don't want to see behind the scenes. Isn't this just going to be an hour every week of her calling her lawyer about her last husband going "Is there a settlement yet? Have they called about a settlement?"

Finally, J-Lo has a new perfume? Is it called "Desperation?"