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Question for July 18: Summer Scare: Who's preying on our kids?

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Repeat offenders. Our legal system (including the parole system) under-sentences and returns pedophiles to the street as if it is a crime that may not be repeated due to the fact that the offender has not molested one single child while in prison. It is a mental obsession that will never go away. Lock them up, throw away the key, next.

Dan B. (Los Osos, CA)

I think that there is no difference between a killer in the Middle East who straps nails to his body and then detonates himself as close to a child as he can and the killer who snatched Samantha Runnion. Grown men who either believe that their cause or themselves are so sacred that they have the right to destroy kids are the men preying on our children. For the homicide bomber its a 'sacred cause', for the non-terrorist affiliated killer its a 'sacred cause' too. All people who target children hold themselves as sacred and above reproach. Same sick mindset. The killer of little Samantha is just as suicidal/homicidal in my opinion. He hopes to get caught and be some kind of martyr.

Dawn B. (Fayetteville, AR)

I think that it is awful that a person could be so sick to treat a child the way that this man has done. I hope that authorities hunt him down and treat him the way that he treated that girl.

Afton F.