Sex and the City, Sharon Osbourne and American Idol

Sex in the city but no love, Sharon Osbourne and American Idol in the popularity contest we call The Foxlight.

Do the women of Sex and the City hate each other in real life? That's what the New York Post says. To prove it they challenge anyone to find a photograph of Sarah Jessica Parker and scene-stealing Kim Cattrall together. Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis are always standing in between them. Parker, say it isn't so. Please, tell us a photographer told you guys you look better photographed that way. Anything. We are a nation that needs to believe four horny women all get along.

Look out Oprah, here comes the land of Oz. Reports have King World, Oprah's distributor, in talks with Sharon Osbourne to host an Oprah-like show. The woman who helped turn her dysfunctional homelife into a $20 million bonanza-freak show could probably pull off the business side of the deal. But how would the show be different? Just do the whole thing backstage and in the green room? King World sets a lot of these deals up that go nowhere. Careful Sharon.

Finally, American Idol is must see TV, but does anyone understand how this elimination process is handled? You get a nice send off video and a hug, but then only one out of three gets the boot? How long is this thing going to go on? And would you buy an album from any of these people?