Guests and Topics: July 16

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Police are investigating a report that a distraught girl who could match Elizabeth Smart's description was seen last week in Nebraska under suspicious circumstances.

Police in Lincoln, Neb., on Thursday issued a nationwide alert of a possible abduction after witnesses at a gas station convenience store reported seeing a crying girl between 12 and 14 who was possibly being held against her will in a minivan.

Hannity & Colmes will talk to two of the witnesses who thought they sighted Elizabeth.

And President Bush spoke to congressional members Tuesday morning, hoping to build public support for his plan to create a Cabinet-level Department of Homeland Security.

"This comprehensive plan lays out clear lines of authority and clear responsibilities, responsibilities for federal employees, for governors and mayors, and community business leaders and American citizens," Bush said his address, which took place in the White House's Rose Garden.

"Our unity is a great weapon in this fight," the president continued, "and by acting together to create a new and single Department of Homeland Security we will be sending this world a signal that the Congress and the administration will work together to protect the American people and to win this war on terror."

The details on this story and more tonight on Hannity & Colmes.

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