Fur Factor: New Show Caters to Pets

You may be used to having to battle your spouse for control of the remote but soon you might have to fight your pet.

A long line of hopeful humans showed up at Chelsea Piers in New York City yesterday to try out for a gig on Meow TV  a new cable show aimed at an audience of cats. 

Produced by (who else?) the Meow Mix cat food company, the series  set to air in the fall will feature tweeting birds and bouncing balls along with tips on how to care for cats, for the owners who'll presumably be watching, too. 

Would-be Meow TV anchor Colin Sygrove, 7, says he thinks the show should be packed with action for its feline viewers. 

"Like mice chasing around, and a cat trying to get it," he suggested. 

David Blanc, a 24-year-old actor whose cat, Coffee, likes to watch WWF wrestling, The Real World and the Cartoon Network, says he has plenty to offer a feline audience. 

"I have a deep voice, which I think cats like," he said. "You might say I have animal magnetism."

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