Howard Stern, Hillary Swank, Yoko Ono and David Arquette

Howard Stern, Hilary Swank, Yoko and Mister Courteney Cox in the harsh after glow of The Foxlight.

Is Howard Stern thinking about walking down the aisle again soon? The New York Post reports that his girlfriend of about two years brought him to a Hampton's jewelry store the other day. Is there going to be a Queen of All Media? Stay tuned.

Hilary Swank says she thought her career was over when she was dumped by the show Beverly Hills 90210. Boys may not cry, but she did according to next month's Esquire magazine, she says she was devastated. You still should be, Hilary. What have you done lately? Insomnia? Uh-huh, you looked comfortable in that role.

Oh no, Yoko Ono's singing again. But Page Six says she may have a hit on her 69-year-old hands. It's a dance club mix of a 1980 song called "Kiss, Kiss, Kiss."

Finally, David Arquette says killing spiders around the house makes him feel manly. Then he saw a tarantula on the set of Eight Legged Freaks and 'Jumped about a mile.'