Bad Boy Makes Good With CSI

David Caruso, who bitterly left NYPD Blue after one season — only to see his hoped- for movie career tank — says he's eager for another comeback effort on CSI: Miami.

And Caruso could sure use a hit since his 1997 CBS show, Michael Hayes, failed. 

This time around, the former TV bad boy is making sure to say all the right things. 

"There was some disappointment when we didn't get to go on [with Michael Hayes]," he told the TV Critics Press Tour. "But with CSI: Miami, I think the sky's the limit. You may see more than two ['CSI' spinoffs] because this concept works." 

CSI: Miami has come under fire for its racial composition. 

Miami-Dade County, the setting of CSI: Miami, has a Hispanic population of 57 percent and an African-American community of 20 percent, according to 2000 Census figures. 

Yet, the show's three top stars — Caruso, Kim Delaney (NYPD Blue) and Emily Procter — are all white. 

"The personality of Miami city will be reflected in our guest cast and our supporting cast," said executive producer Carol Mendelsohn. "And we cast the best actors."

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