'Terminator' Won't Rule Out Political Bid

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger says he may yet run for governor of California.

Schwarzenegger, a GOP activist, spoke Monday to a breakfast meeting of about 15 Republican state governors attending the National Governors Association conference.

The 54-year-old said he mulled a challenge against California Democratic Gov. Gray Davis this past year, but eventually declined because of his movie contracts.

"It's something that I'm still interested in (for) the future. I think that the greatest thing you can do is serve the people," Schwarzenegger said. "It gives me the greatest satisfaction — much more than going down another red carpet to do a movie premiere — to go and create after-school programs, help special Olympians, inspire kids to stay away from drugs and gangs."

Schwarzenegger said he is now filming Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, True Lies 2 and another movie.

In a brief meeting with reporters, Schwarzenegger said he could imagine himself as California's governor, helping millions of people with their personal challenges.

"What a great feeling to go to bed every night and say, 'Look how many people I helped today.' That would be fantastic — very satisfying," he said.