Topics and Guests for Friday, July 12

Tonight...go on the record...with Greta!  

The family of Elizabeth Smart desparately wants their daughter to come home. Could Richard Ricci, the family's handyman be behind her abduction? The missing teen's father says he doesn't want to believe that Ricci could have been involved but there are lingering questions... Today Ed Smart pleaded with Ricci to "come clean" tell him everything he knows about his daughter's kidnapping. We'll have the very latest for you from Salt Lake City.

Plus, the legal angles seem to be getting increasingly complicated in the case. We'll talk with former prosecutor Bernie Grimm and defense attorney Mark Geragos tonight.

Then, meet the man who sold Usama bin Laden an airplane! You won't believe this story.

Also, yet another terrible case of child abuse and neglect in Florida. Why can't the government get control of the state's Department of Children and Families? We'll have complete coverage from the Sunshine state this evening.

And later, house arrest for one of the biggest stars in professional basketball. Bad behavior and alleged criminal activity is plaguing the sports world all over again. What kind of message does this stuff send to our kids?

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