Madonna, Jerry Springer, Robin Williams and Martha Stewart

Madonna, Jerry Springer, Robin Williams and Martha Stewart in The Foxlight.

Don't believe the rumors that Madonna and Guy Ritchie aren't getting along? Well, there's proof they like to be at least rude to one another. It's a documentary made during the filming of Swept Away. That's the one he's shooting and she's starring in. It's coming out with the film in October. But the insider who says they're the "Bickersons" to one another also describes them as a "normal" family. Uh-huh.

This week's TV Guide lists the "50 Worst TV Shows of All Time." How hard was that? Congratulations to No. 1 Jerry Springer. But the most inspired choice was number 50: Barney. I guess they don't love him.

If you see Paul Newman talking to himself these days, he's not going senile. The Road to Perdition star is dictating him memoirs into a tape recorder he takes everywhere.

Finally, Robin Williams got off some great Martha Stewart jokes at his recent three-day Broadway run. But one woman in the audience wasn't laughing. Yep. Martha was there, stonefaced. Martha, Robin jokes because he loves. And the rest of us think that's a good thing.