Topics and Guests for July 11

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Topics and Guests for July 10:

¬ 9:03
Aviation security: The house voted yesterday in favor of allowing airline pilots to carry guns in the cockpit
Capt. Dennis Dolan, vice president of Airline Pilots Association

¬ 9:10
Bribery at U.S. Embassy leads to phony visas
William P. Kinane, former FBI legal attache

¬ 9:35
ESPY awards pays tribute to flight 93 victims
Four passengers who died on flight 93 during the 9/11 attacks will be honored with the ESPY's Arthur Ashe courage award
Alice Hoglan, mother of Mark Bingham
Deena Burnett, wife of Tom Burnett

¬ 10:10
The Senate Foreign Relations committee plans to hold hearings later this summer on the administration's Iraq policy. What kind of questions do senators want answered?
Sen. Robert Torricelli, (D-NY)

¬ 10:35
Westerfield murder trial
Lisa Bloom, trial attorney and court TV anchor
Al Deblanc, criminal defense attorney

¬ 11:03
Cargo terminals face more security
George Weise, former U.S. customs commissioner

¬ 11:35
Check out the new—news magazine show
A show with fire, a show with a pulse!
Shep Smith, host of The Pulse

¬ 12:03
USA Today article: "Planners raise the bar for Iraqi invasion"
Major Bob Bevelacqua, former Green Beret

¬ 1:03
Is the letter a clue in the Smart case?
Bill Flynn, forensic document examiner
Michael Kane, former special deputy district attorney on the Jon Benet Ramsey case

¬ 2:03
Plans for a U.S. attack on Iraq appear to be in the works. How sensitive should U.S. officials be to the internal politics of neighboring Arab countries
Retired Col. Patrick Lang, U.S. Army
Amb. Edward Walker, former ambassador to Israel, Egypt and the United Arab emirates

¬ 2:30
Berkeley women planning to gather on August 3 to break Guinness Book of World records' number for most women breast-feeding at one time
Ellen Sirbu, program director of Women, Infant and Children program for the city of Berkeley

¬ 3:20
All eyes are on the market, how low can it go?
Dagen McDowell, Fox News Channel business analyst

¬ 3:40
The Pulse airs tonight at 9pm on Fox
Geraldo Rivera, senior investigative reporter for The Pulse

¬ 3:50
Jeter fan obsessed with Derek jumped out onto the field to give him her number
Kristielee Wilcox, Jeter fan


NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change