Why Are We Not Attacking Iraq?

This getting wobbly on Saddam Hussein is a joke.

For the last decade, the greatest single threat to the United States, if not the rest of the world, has been Saddam.

The Soviet Union has been neutralized as a threat, in the sense that we now get along with the Russians and we have figured out ways we can help them and they can help us.

In the words of Rodney King, can't we all just get along? Yes, we can and we have proved it with the very fearsome enemies who threatened us for nearly half a century.

So why are we putting up with 10 years of threats from Saddam? Why are we willing to allow his complicity in any number of outrages go unchallenged because we don't have absolute proof — the kind required in U.S. federal courts.

Margaret Thatcher said it best in a line delivered to the first President Bush, "Don't go wobbly on us, George."

Bring the iron lady back for a reprise of that line. Why are we not attacking Iraq? Because we shouldn't decide the internal affairs of countries other than our own? Please.

This is a guy who just recently executed half a dozen generals on the suspicion that they might oppose him.

Nobody in Iraq gets to actually vote for anybody other than Saddam unless they're ready to die, and die now.

This is a guy who ran out U.N. weapons inspectors from his country, and has had years to build things that will make your kids glow for centuries... and we're looking for a good reason to invade?

Come on. This is "stupid pet tricks" straight off Letterman.

There are real considerations about attacking Iraq, and they have to do with the lives of Americans who will have to do the fighting. That's what our generals should be thinking about, problems they should be solving.

But the other question: does Saddam deserve an attack?

Let me put it this way... name me one other enemy who is more dangerous and more threatening and more likely to do us harm who we have not attacked?

We went after the Taliban and Al Qaeda, though that job isn't done yet. We have decent relations with China and good relations with Russia. There is simply nobody else who poses a threat to us but Saddam and his demented Iraq.

The fact is, we must do it and we must stop with the wobbly trick of constantly questioning whether we're planning the right thing.

That's My Word.

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