Topics and Guests for July 9

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Topics and Guests for July 9:

¬ 9:10
Pennsylvania police arrest an illegal immigrant from Afghanistan wanted since 1997 for an immigration violation
John Timoney, former Philadelphia commissioner

¬ 9:35
How is the Elizabeth Smart case being handled?
Ted Williams, former DC police detective

¬ 10:03
Retired Lt. Col. Dug Wisnioski, U.S. Army

¬ 10:35
Michael Jackson unleashes anger at Sony and Tommy Mottola
Flo Anthony, editor of Black Elegance magazine
Peter Thall, entertainment attorney

¬ 11:10
Today President Bush talks about corporate responsibility
Senator Al D'Amato, former NY senator

¬ 12:03
Reaction to President Bush corporate responsibility and Wall Street speech
Jeff Birnbaum, Washington bureau chief of Fortune magazine
Tobin Smith, Changewave Investment Research

¬ 12:20
Reaction to Bush's speech on corporate responsibility
Senator Charles Grassley, ranking member on the committee on finance

¬ 1:35
Americans are turning to comfy road travel. There has been an increase of 20% over last year on motor home sales
David Humphreys, president of recreation vehicle industry association

¬ 2:10
Racial profiling
Eric Vickers, executive director of American Muslim Council and Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson

¬ 2:20
Are Pennsylvania's nuclear facilities secure?
Earl Freilino, director of Pennsylvania's homeland security office

¬ 3:50
Freezing Ted Williams, enough already?
Johnny Pesky, former teammate of Ted Williams and friend for over 62 years

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change