Topics and Guests for July 8

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Topics and Guests for July 8:

¬ 9:10
Inside's Saddam's arsenal
Amb. Marc Ginsberg former ambassador to Morocco & Middle East adviser to President Carter

¬ 9:20
Dr. Elizabeth Whelan, president of American Council on Science and Health

¬ 9:35
Elizabeth Smart follow up
Jay Salpeter, private investigator

¬ 10:03
Security on fourth of July: How well did we do? What's our next hurdle?
Skip Brandon, former FBI deputy assistant director of counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence

¬ 10:20
Texas floods
Mayor Adam Cork, mayor of New Braunfels, TX

¬ 10:35
Westerfield murder trial: The Danielle Van Dam trial resumes today
Nelda Luce Blair, former prosecutor
Jonna Spilbor, criminal defense attorney

¬ 10:40
A long-overdue medal honors Vietnam POW "Rocky Versace"
Stephen Versace, brother of Rocky Versace

¬ 11:03
Military: U.S. plan for Iraq to include attack on 3 fronts
Retired Michael Vickers, former Green Beret

¬ 1:03
Missing girl
Eddie Freyer, former FBI agent and lead agent in the Polly Klaas case

¬ 2:03
Post reaction to 4th of July weekend
Commissioner John Timoney, former Philadelphia commissioner

¬ 2:35
Military: U.S. plan for Iraq to include attack on 3 fronts
Retired Capt. David Christian, Army

¬ 3:30
Harvey Kushner, chairman of Criminal Justice Dept. at Long Island University

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change