Guests and Topics: July 8

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At the NAACP's annual convention in Houston over the weekend, board chairman Julian Bond ripped into the Bush administration. Bond claimed that the president has broken his promise to enforce civil rights and that he owes his office more to a dynasty than a democracy. Is this the same old rhetoric coming from the NAACP?
Ron Daniels, Center for Constitutional Rights
Deroy Murdock, columnist

Is picking on President Bush the new pastime for congressional Democrats? Do they even have an agenda to bring to the table?
Rep. Tom Reynolds, (R-NY)
Rep. Gary Ackerman, (D-NY)

Louis Farrakhan arrives in Iraq. We'll ask one of Farrakhan's followers if he should even be allowed back into the country.
Quanell X, New Black Panther Party

Is one university going too far by requiring freshmen to read a book about the Koran?
James Yacovelli, Family Policy Network
Radwan Masmoudi, Center for Study of Islam and Democracy

Troubling new video out of California has many people crying brutality, but are we getting the entire picture?
Leo Terrell, civil rights attorney

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