Tip Sheet for the Week of July 8 - 12

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FRED BARNES, CO-HOST: Welcome back to The Beltway Boys.

Let's see if Mort can take the pressure of this week's Tip Sheet.

ITEM NUMBER ONE, President Bush is going to Wall Street next week to deliver a major policy speech on corporate responsibility.

MORT KONDRACKE, CO-HOST: Well, Bush is doing everything he possibly can to deflect Democratic allegations that he's cozy with corporations, crooked ones and noncrooked ones, and he, I think he can deflect it from himself. But the polls all indicate that Republicans are identified with corporations and, and the public doesn't think they're, they're tough enough.

BARNES: Mort, is there any way that Bush could at all be responsible for getting Enron and WorldCom to cook the books?

KONDRACKE: Of course not.

BARNES: Which is...

KONDRACKE: It's guilt by association.

BARNES: Good, glad we clarified that.

ITEM NUMBER TWO, Congress returns from the holiday break. Look for the Senate to pass an accounting oversight bill.

KONDRACKE: Well, this is part — Bush is now suddenly in favor of this bill, or much that, that's in the bill, so I...


KONDRACKE: ... think it's going to pass.

BARNES: It'll pass, but you know what really rivets the mind of these accounting firms? It's not some oversight, it's the fact of what happened to Arthur Andersen, the collapse of Arthur Andersen.

ITEM THREE, a congressional panel investigating the September 11 attacks plans on delaying public hearings until the fall. Look for an announcement next week.

KONDRACKE: Yes, the important thing for this committee is to get the FBI and the CIA fixed, not to hold public hearings for their own aggrandizement.

BARNES: Well, it's exactly the way congressional hearings are, because they've always interviewed all the witnesses ahead of time, and then they have a public show. So we don't need that.

ITEM NUMBER FOUR, the seat for Oklahoma's newly combined third and four congressional districts is now open after J.C. Watts announced his retirement. But candidates must file by next week.

KONDRACKE: Well, this new combined district could be very competitive, and the Democrats certainly think so, even though J.C. Watts would have won it by miles. Tom Cole, a former Republican National Committee official...

BARNES: Right.

KONDRACKE: ... and Mark Nuttel (ph), who ran Pat Robertson's campaign are the leading Republicans, and then Lloyd Bentsen (ph) — not the Lloyd Bentsen...

BARNES: Right.

KONDRACKE: ... but the former speaker of the Oklahoma...

BARNES: Right.

KONDRACKE: ... house — is the Democratic front-runner.

BARNES: Yes, those are good candidates, actually.

ITEM NUMBER FIVE, major league baseball's All Star game is next week, but look for the event to be marred by rumors of a players' strike.

KONDRACKE: Guys, a $2.4 million average salary for a major league baseball player is enough. There's got to be a salary cap in order to make teams competitive, or nobody's going to watch the games.

BARNES: A strike would be devastating for the sport that's already, already down in attendance.

It's sad to say, at least I am very sad that Ted Williams died, the greatest hitter I ever saw.

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