Lara Flynn Boyle, Matthew McConaughey and Julia Roberts

Lara Flynn Boyle, Matthew McConaughey and Julie Roberts in The Foxlight.

Is there something new about Lara Flynn Boyle's appearance in Men In Black II?

McCuddy: Did you have any augmentation besides the snakes that come out of your hands?

Boyle: Oh yes. I have boobs in this movie.

McCuddy: Was that fun?

Boyle: It was great. I almost ran out and bought a pair.

And is Matthew McConaughey the new Mad Max? Probably not. But he does have a few lethal moves in his new Medieval-era movie Reign Of Fire. Oh, but a word of caution: if you're thinking of heading to England, in the future giant flying fire-breathing dragons turn London into toast at least in this movie they do.

McCuddy: Are you at all concerned about this going to do tourism in London?

McConaughey: Hahahaha! It's not there anymore! There's nowhere to go.

Also, what did I get Julia Roberts and her new husband? A subscription to Vanity Fair. Oh, is Benjamin Bratt and his new wife on the cover next month? My bad.

Finally, I'm glad for Will Smith that Men In Black II is a hit, but nod your head if you think his new song is a bore.