Below the Fold for July 7

Let's check out some political stories we found Below the Fold:

And the Winner Is...

From our soak-the-rich file: Milton O'Bryant was elated when he learned he had won a $1 million designer beach house on the Maryland shore as part of a cable television giveaway. But then the Texas police supervisor figured out that he would have to take out a $500,000 mortgage just to pay his state and federal taxes.

As a result, he'll have to sell his prize although he does hope he'll be able to spend one week in the house before the new owner moves in.

You Can Count on It

The Republican National Committee has identified more than 140,000 people who are registered to vote in more than one state and at least 850 cases in which voters cast ballots in two or more states during the 2000 election.

The largest number of duplicate votes involved New York and Florida, where Republicans found 402 documented cases of fraud. The RNC has no information about the party affiliation of the voters. Democratic National Committee spokeswoman Maria Cardona says her party is not participating in the investigation. She accuses the GOP of, "trying to distract from the real issue, which is election reform."

Gone and Forgotten?

The Arab News, best known for its reliably anti-American and anti-Jewish prose, published a piece this week, titled: "Bin Laden no longer exists: Here is why."

Author Amir Taheri says bin Laden is dead politically, if not physically, because he masterminded suicide attacks that killed, "thousands of innocent people," and embraced "a cynical misinterpretation of Islam." Taheri says the world that fostered bin Laden "no longer exists. Thus Usama bin Laden no longer exists." He concludes his analysis with the line: "Remember, you heard it here first."

Out of the Shadows

Paul Strauss, who serves as the so-called shadow senator for the District of Columbia, has petitioned the British government for the re-colonization of the United States.

His Declaration of Reunification calls for "full democracy" which means congressional representation for the District of Columbia. One Washingtonian responded to the stunt by sending the following e-mail to the British Embassy: "Please process these applications forthwith… so we can promptly deport them for being illegal aliens."