Mexican Troops Find More Than Two Tons of Marijuana in Three Seizures

Mexican troops seized about 5,000 pounds of marijuana at three sites in the Tijuana area, including almost a ton they found inside two small airplanes abandoned on a desert air strip, officials said Saturday.

The troops were on a drug eradication mission when they happened upon the aircraft with 1,775 pounds inside earlier this week about 95 miles from the border city, a defense department statement said.

Another army unit based at the Tijuana International Airport reported finding two dozen cardboard boxes holding 2,048 pounds of marijuana in the baggage claim area.

Finally, a third army unit based at a Tijuana railway station saw some boxes made to look like railway ties aboard a train headed to the nearby city of Mexicali.

The fake railway ties were opened and found to contain 1,188 pounds of marijuana.

No arrests were made related to the seizures.

On Saturday, a Mexico State judge ordered reputed drug lord Jesus Albino Quintero Meraz held over for trial on drug and organized crime charges.

Quintero Meraz, who allegedly bribed a Mexican governor and shipped at least a ton of cocaine to the United States, was captured in May in the Gulf coast city of Veracruz.