Topics and Guests, July 3

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume.

Bret Baier reports: The U.S. air assault on an Afghan village that residents say killed 40 civilians was part of a larger, weekslong operation targeting Taliban fighters, Pentagon officials say.

Guest preview: Joel Mowbray of the National Review.

Jim Angle reports: The White House blames attorneys' errors for President Bush's failure as a corporate director in 1990 to disclose stock sales as promptly as required by federal law.

Amy Kellogg reports: Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat dismisses two top security chiefs in a move seen as part of an effort to reshape the Palestinian security forces.

Jennifer Griffin reports: One Israeli family wants to build on land that the Palestinians want for themselves. Is their safety in danger?

Teri Schultz reports: All of the 9/11 hijackers entered the United States on valid visas granted by the State Department, which has been under fire ever since for some of its practices now seen as too lax.

Catherine Herridge reports: The U.S. government will deploy combat jets over New York, Washington and other U.S. cities in an effort to ensure that Americans can safely celebrate the nation's 226th birthday.

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