Car Explodes in Gaza Strip; Palestinian Official Says Two Dead

An explosion Thursday night inside a white Mercedes left body parts scattered around the burned, mangled car, and a Palestinian police official said at least two people had been killed.  

Palestinian police believe the explosion may be the work of Israeli agents, a Palestinian security official said. The Israeli army had no comment.

At least two people were killed in the explosion, Palestinian police reported.

Police and hospital officials say one of the victims was a lieutenant in the Palestinians' preventive security forces. The other wasn't immediately identified.

"I was turning to the right when I saw the car crossing the road. When I walked about two steps, I heard a terrible explosion and something hit me in the back," said Shukri Darabi, 32, whose shirt was bloodied in back. "I started screaming."

A car door lying in the road about 20 yards from the body of the vehicle was riddled with holes. Windows of the vehicle were blown out and the roof indented.

Palestinian police and rescue teams were collecting body parts.