Topics and Guests for July 2

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Topics and Guests for July 2:

¬ 9:03
The threat of terror on the Fourth of July: Are the nation's police chiefs ready?
Chief Bill Berger, president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police

¬ 9:35
2 kids die in heat after their mom leaves them in her car unattended
Joseph Thomas, Southfield, Michigan police chief

¬ 10:03
4th of July security
Teresa Chambers, U.S. park police chief

¬ 10:35
So America isn't good enough for Tom Cruise?
Dennis Prager, KIEV, 870 am radio talk show host
Nancy Skinner, WLS radio talk show host

¬ 11:03
The fourth is just two days away what should the U.S. be protecting?
Major Bob Bevelacqua, Fox News Channel military analyst

¬ 12:03
The man who knew bin Laden: An Egyptian-American who sold weapons and even an airplane to bin Laden says the CIA not only turned a blind eye but actually helped! We'll speak to the man who was bin Laden's pilot
Essam Al-Ridi, former bin Laden weapon's supplier and pilot

¬ 12:20
Inside the mind of bin Laden with Independence Day a few days away…
Michael Swetnam, former CIA officer

¬ 1:03
Elizabeth Smart follow up
Paul Ciolino, private investigator

¬ 1:35
Martha Stewart scandal: What is going to happen?
Eric Dezenhall, crisis management analyst and author of Money Wanders

¬ 2:03
The fourth is just days away what should the u.s. we be protecting?
Lt. General Tom Mcinerney, Fox News Channel military analyst

¬ 3:03
Worldwide caution: The U.S. state warns Americans to remain vigilant during the upcoming summer season
Larry Johnson, former deputy director of U.S. State Department 
And what are some of the most popular city's doing to prepare against a possible terrorist strike 

Thomas Menino
, mayor of Boston



NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change