Men In Black II, The Powerpuff Girls and Like Mike

More aliens, some pumped up three year olds and a rapper who doesn't want to be Lil anymore in the oversized holiday movie glare of The Foxlight.

The only question for Men In Black II is how big? This film should Cuisinart everything else in the theaters faster than Martha Stewart diced the CBS Morning Show.

Most critics agree there's not much new here from the original that bowed five Fourth of Julys ago. The New York Times says Tommy Lee Jones delivers each line as though he's just been awakened from a nap. But Will Smith looks like he's having fun, and the wormy guys are kind of amusing. For me, the film just demonstrates that my career is going to the dogs: Yes, I interviewed "Frank, the Pug." Thankfully, I wasn't dressed in fire hydrant red.

The two other new films will probably battle it out for any place in the top five. The Powerpuff Girls seem to have the right attitude. Their only aliens are other kindergartners. The TV show is pretty hip. This version has been dumbed down slightly to provide less power, more puff.

Finally, when your name is Lil Bow Wow I guess the only way to get more respect is drop the "Lil" from your name. So this is just Bow Wow now in a new harmless comedy called Like Mike. And in this case, it is the shoes.