Topics and Guests for July 1

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Topics and Guests for July 1:

¬ 9:10
How safe are we this 4th of July?
Weldon Kennedy, former FBI deputy director & vice chairman of Guardsmark, INC.

¬ 9:35
A man was arrested in Arizona wildfire case
Michael Lane, fire investigator

¬ 10:03
Does Richard Ricci have a case against him?
Jeralyn Merritt, defense attorney
Keith Warburton, prosecuting attorney

¬ 10:35
With the July 4th a few days away, what is the U.S expecting and how can we prevent another terror attack to our country
Retired Major General Paul Vallely, U.S. Army

¬ 11:03
Fighting an intelligence war: Hunt for Al-Qaeda cells
Retired Col. patrick Lang, U.S. Army

¬ 12:03
How safe are our ports & borders?
George Weise, former head of U.S. customs service

¬ 1:03
Missing girl
Ted Williams, former DC detective and attorney

¬ 2:03
Cyber crime and terrorism
Sanford Sherizen, criminologist and cyber espionage

¬ 3:03
July 4th terror alert
Buck Revell, former deputy director of the FBI

¬ 3:50
Massachusetts grandmother has a completely new face and a new outlook after plastic surgery. Why are more and more elderly people getting plastic surgery?
Phyllis Porter, 82-year-old grandmother who got plastic surgery to look younger
Dr. Sheldon Sevinor, plastic surgeon

NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change