George Michael Takes On Bush in New Song

Washed-up pop star George Michael is trying to relaunch his career with a controversial song and video insinuating that President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair are gay lovers.

In the tawdry tune, Michael also blasts America's handling of the Sept. 11 terror attacks — calling President Bush a "trigger-happy" politician who is "bullying" the world.

But while he has a beef with the United States, Michael apparently has no problem with American money.

Record-industry analysts say the goateed entertainer has raked in as much as $70 million in the United States alone over the years with hits like "I Want Your Sex" and "Faith."

The new song hints that Bush and Blair — close allies in the war against terror — are actually having sex. The pop star even hints that Blair's wife Cherie should sleep with him instead.

"Tony, Tony, Tony, I know that you're horny, but there's somethin' 'bout Bush that ain't right," Michael sings in "Shoot the Dog."

In the new video, Michael — who was busted in 1998 in a Beverly Hills men's room for performing lewd sex acts in front of a cop — depicts a cartoon Bush tickling Blair's tummy like a dog on the grounds of the White House.

He ridicules the United States for defending itself against Usama bin Laden and his terrorist network.

"It's like we're getting fresh out of democratic. Gotta get yourself a little something semiautomatic, yeah," Michael taunts.

"I get a feelin' when it all goes off, they're gonna shoot the dog, shoot the dog."

The scorching song could end Michael's career in the United States — and it's doubtful "Shoot the Dog" will get much play on radio or TV.

"I got no interest in playing a George Michael song —  and especially a song like that," Scott Shannon at WPLJ told The Post.

In the video, Michael, clearly angry at Blair's alliance with Bush against terrorism, taunts British first lady Cherie Blair.

"Cherie, my dear, could you leave the way clear for sex tonight?" he asks, while wearing a leopard-print thong.

In an interview with London's Daily Mirror, Michael, 39, defended his cheap broadsides at Bush.

He says when "the bombers went into Afghanistan and started blitzing everything ... I just watched in horror."

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