Topics and Guests for Friday, June 28

Tonight...go on the record...with Greta!  The search continues for Elizabeth Smart. But now one man and possibly a second are being sought by police in Salt Lake.  

We'll have a live update for you from Utah and we'll speak to someone who is close to the Smart family.

Then we'll take a look at all the legal angles in this case, and there seem to be more everyday, with former prosecutor Marty Rogers and criminal defense attorney Bernard Grimm.

Plus, all the negative publicity is not a "good thing" for Martha Stewart  these days, as allegations of insider trading continue to keep her in the public eye. Is there any way to craft a positive image in the midst of such a mess? What can Martha do about all her negative press? We'll ask two top public relations gurus how they would craft a response to the Martha mess.

Join us this evening at 10 p.m. ET for On the Record With Greta Van Susteren, only on the FOX News Channel. 

Note: Topics and Guests subject to change