Guests and Topics: June 28

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Should a document that's considered to be a photo ID count if your face isn't actually visible in the picture?A judge in Florida allowed a Muslim woman to sue the state because they wouldn't allow her to wear a veil for her driver's license photo.
Ellis Rubin, defense attorney
Susan Estrich, USC law professor

First, the Israeli army has released this photo of what they say is a Palestinian baby dressed as a suicide bomber. Is the photo authentic? And can there be peace in the Middle East if hatred's taught at such an early age?
John Leboutillier, former New York congressman
Mohammed Wahbi, Arab journalist:

Is Richard Ricci looking more and more guilty?
Cynthia Smart Owens, Elizabeth Smart's aunt

What does Grammy award winner Lee Greenwood think of the big Pledge ruling this week?
Lee Greenwood, singer

A lot of people say they support the war on terror. But how many people would dodge a draft if it were reinstated?
Frank Luntz, Luntz research companies

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