Topics and Guests for June 26

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Topics and Guests for June 26:

¬ 9:03
Arizona wildfires
Ed Melton, evacuated from home in Show Low, AZ

¬ 9:20
Should airline pilots carry guns in the cockpit? The house transportation committee votes on this today
Douglas Laird, former security director of Northwest Airlines
Capt. Tracy Price, commercial airline pilot

¬ 9:48
Doctors baffled by boy, covered in ape-like hair
Theodore J. Daly M.D. adult and pediatric dermatology diseases of the skin

¬ 10:03
U.S. joins Russians in 'dirty' nuke hunt
Retired Capt. David Christian, Army

¬ 10:35
An in-depth examination of liberal propoganda
Ann Coulter, author of Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right

¬ 11:03
Are Worldcom and Martha both hitting rock bottom?
Scott Bleier, president of Hybrid Investors

¬ 11:15
War on Al Qaeda shifts into global manhunt
Frank Anderson, former CIA chief of Near East and South Asia

¬ 11:35
Joel Mowbray testifies today in front of the House Committee on government reform on how the State Department had a program enabling the Saudi's special access in obtaining visas. Even after 9/11, 3 of the 9/11 hijackers got their visas via this program
Joel Mowbray, columnist for National Review on-line and

¬ 12:03
Arizona wildfire
Richard Franco resident of Heber, Arizona

¬ 12:35
Why one NYC firefighter wants to run for Congress
Joe Finley, NYC firefighter running for Congress

¬ 1:35
Omar Karsou, prominent Palestinian businessman

¬ 2:03
Is a power grid vulnerable to attack?
Col. David Mcintyre, deputy director of Anser Institute for Homeland Security

¬ 2:35
Controversial new book investigates reporting on EPA and Guiliani about the health risks for workers and residents of WTC clean-up
Juan Gonzalez, author of Fallout

¬ 3:35
Danny Pearl's longtime friend and colleague celebrates Pearl's life through 50 of his best stories
Helene Cooper, friend and Wall Street Journal colleague



NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change