Adam Sandler, Hey Arnold and Minority Report

Adam Sandler, another cartoon and Tom Cruise in the multiplex glare of The Foxlight.

Adam Sandler is back as an ordinary shlubby guy. What are the odds? This time it's as Mr. Deeds. He plays your run-of-the-mill greeting card writer who inherits $ 40 billion. He comes to New York where Winona Ryder steals his heart. Yes, it's on videotape. Is any of this funny? Well, speaking of theft, someone does steal the movie. The butler did it. John Turturro is great. And Adam? He's still defending Little Nicky.

SANDLER: I thought Little Nicky was very funny and when my kid is old enough he will agree. I'm going to make sure.

Next, another big screen cartoon is here — it's the football head shaped Arnold in Hey Arnold. I haven't seen this and unless someone puts a gun to my head, I'm not going to. But for kids who see a football shaped kid as a role model, here it is. The real victim this week will be Lilo & Stitch who almost came in first place last week and will undoubtedly see a big fall off thanks to Arnold.

Finally, can Tom Cruise stay at No. 1? Or will a 'minority report' to the theaters? Prediction? About $15 million. No majority. Sorry Tom, it's not the braces.