Topics and Guests for June 26

In what appears to be one of the biggest cases of accounting fraud in U.S. history, WorldCom Inc. revealed Tuesday night it had disguised nearly $3.8 billion in expenses, after an internal investigation uncovered that the company's books were cooked. 

How will this impact your portfolio? And when will investor confidence in corporate America be restored? I'll have a complete report.

Plus, we'll talk to a former WorldCom employee about the disastrous way the company was mismanaged.

And, is time for a new government watchdog to protect the public from corporate crooks? I'll ask Rep. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.

George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley examines the parallels of obstruction of justice we saw during Watergate, during the Clinton impeachment and now with Martha Stewart.

We'll also talk to HUD Secretary Mel Martinez about the most stable investment — homeownership.

Plus, we'll talk to BusinessWeek's Bill Wolman about the debacle that has become the 401(k).

And, could fast food be the next big tobacco? Should fast food chains and junk food makers be held responsible for our nation's severe obesity problems? I'll ask George Washington University Law Professor John Nanzhaf.

All that, plus we'll have continuing coverage from around the globe as the War on Terror continues.

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