Michael Jackson, John Travolta, and Roseanne

Michael Jackson, John Travolta, and Roseanne in the harsh career rehash of The Foxlight.

Acting lessons for Michael Jackson? That's what columnist Cindy Adams says. According to the gossip maven, Wacko Jacko is training with a professional teacher. Her prediction?

"We may see Michael 'Olivier' Jackson as a real genuine thesp. Maybe even playing the life of Al Jolson. Can't you see him in blackface?" Ouch. Funny, but ouch.

John Travolta says his parents taught him everything was possible. If he played in the garbage, he was a genius. He could burp and it was an event according to John. And here's news from Travolta. "Hollywood can really mistreat you. When I did Saturday Night Fever and then Grease, I was the best thing to hit celluloid since Valentino. And then I did a movie called Moment by Moment with Lily Tomlin — you'd have thought I'd sunk the Titanic!" No John, just your career, for a while.

Finally, what has happened to Roseanne's career? She'll be putting on a captain's uniform and sitting in a cockpit — in a movie. The New York Daily News says Roseanne will play an airline pilot for a TV movie. It's going to be built around the Nickelodeon show, The Brothers Garcia.