Topics and Guests for June 25

President Bush on Monday afternoon told the Palestinian people that the United States could help them achieve the goal of statehood in three years, if they sided with leaders "not compromised by terror."

The president's plan appears to be very pro-Israel. Could this trigger a wave of Arab resentment against the U.S.?  I'll ask retired Col. David Hackworth, soldier, columnist and author.

Why does the National Research Council say the nation's power, telecommunications and computing infrastructures are grossly vulnerable to terrorist attack? We'll investigate with Paul Gilbert, one of the authors of the National Academy of Sciences report.

Plus, as the ImClone scandal continues to dog Martha Stewart, what is the board of directors of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia doing to protect their company and shareholder value? Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, a dean at the Yale University School of Management, offers insight.

If you don't trust Wall Street, you're not alone. The wealthiest of the wealthy don't trust them either and we'll get the surprising details of a recent survey from Maribeth Rahe, president of U.S. Trust.

Could a misunderstanding lead to a lower stock price? Frederick Smith, chairman and CEO FedEx, weighs in.

Plus, if the rich are anxious, what then for the markets? I'll ask Todd Eberhard, president of Eberhard Investment Associates, or Gary B. Smith, contributing editor at

And, we'll have the latest and greatest gadgets from the PC Expo in New York City.

All that, plus we'll have continuing coverage from around the globe as the War on Terror continues.

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