Guests and Topics: June 25

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A month before Elizabeth Smart disappeared, a 7-year-old African-American Milwaukee girl vanished on her way to school—a block away from her home. Alexis Patterson has been missing since May 3 but her case has not gotten the enormous attention of the Smart case. Why? Leron & Ayanna Bourgeois, Alexis Patterson's parents, tell their story.

And according to published reports, the State Department believes that as many as 90 Americans are being held in Saudi Arabia against their will.

Pat Roush will talk to Hannity & Colmes. Her daughters, Alia and Aisha, were kidnapped and taken to Saudi Arabia by their Saudi father in 1986. They were three and seven at the time and hardly knew their father who had a history of severe mental illness with paranoid ideation and violent tendencies.

In order for a woman to leave Saudi Arabia she must have permission from her brother, father or husband. Roush’s daughters are now in their early adulthood but her fight continues.

And Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat is responding cautiously to President Bush's proposal for a provisional Palestinian state ruled by a "new and different Palestinian leadership." Arafat said that only the Palestinian people can decide whom their leaders should be, but added that the speech represented "a serious effort to push the peace process forward." Former Secretary of State, Alexander Haig, reacts.

Plus Constitutional Attorney, Ann Coulter, talks about her new book… Slander: Liberal Lies about the American Right

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