Topics and Guests, June 24

Tonight on Special Report with Brit Hume.

Jim Angle reports: President Bush unveils a Middle East peace plan that calls for provisional Palestinian statehood in the Gaza Strip and a patchwork of territory in the West Bank. Who benefits?

Guest preview: Joining us tonight will be Dennis Ross, former U.S. Mideast envoy

Panel preview: Are the president's plans for the Mideast realistic? And what is the update on the Martha Stewart mess?

Jennifer Griffin reports: Will the president's speech have any impact in Israel? And Israeli tanks encircle Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's badly damaged headquarters, and Prime Minister Ariel Sharon tells his party Israel was preparing a large operation in the Gaza Strip against the militant Hamas movement.

Brian Wilson reports: The Supreme Court overturns the death sentences of more than 150 murderers, ruling that only juries and not judges may make the life-or-death decision to condemn a killer. 

Bret Baier reports: Following new reports that the elusive Sept. 11 mastermind is alive, well and ready to carry out more terror operations, Washington has made it clear that Usama bin Laden's next hiding hole should be a body bag — and soon.

William LaJeunesse reports: Wildfires sweep through Arizona and California. And causing many to flee their homes. Is there an end to the disaster?

Molly Henneberg reports: Bush promoted a terrorism insurance bill as a job-creation measure Wednesday and argued that it should shield businesses from lawsuits stemming from attacks. The bill is on the steps of Capitol Hill. 

Anita Vogel reports: Many parents in California are up in arms over a sexy questionnaire.

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