Topics and Guests for June 24

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Topics and Guests for June 24:

¬ 9:03
Arizona wildfires
Richard Franco resident of Heber Arizona

¬ 9:35
Al Qaeda says bin Laden is well
Yossef Bodansky, current director of the House Task Force on terrorism and unconventional warfare

¬ 10:03
Arizona wildfires
Steve Stovel, evacuated from his home due to the wildfire
Jill Stovel, evacuated from her home due to the wildfire

¬ 10:20
Anthrax in mail was newly made, investigators say
Dr. Elizabeth M. Whelan, president of American Council on Science and Health

¬ 10:35
Arming airline pilots: The House aviation subcommittee approved a measure that would allow 1,400 commercial airline pilots to carry guns on planes. The full transportation committee votes on the bill this week...
Captain James Tilmon, former American Airlines pilot
First Officer Rob Sprocc, Allied Pilots Association

¬ 10:48
Experience 100 years of NYC's history through one family and three generations of police officers My Father's Gun, a forceful family history airing tonight at 9 pm on the History channel
Brian Mcdonald, narrating a story about his family's

¬ 11:20
Arizona wildfires
Chad Ettmueller, shelter manager at the American Red Cross

¬ 11:35
Hurt in ground zero: A firefighter is running for congress
Joe Finley, New York City firefighter running for congress

¬ 12:03
Arizona wildfire
Ben Owens, fire chief
Joe Allbaugh, director of federal emergency management agency

¬ 12:20
FBI: Latest on homeland security and improving the FBI
Walter Hansen, former FBI agent

¬ 12:35
Is summer travel, safe travel? With the 4th of July around the corner, and the fear of another terrorist attack, where are Americans traveling this summer? And how are they getting there?
Nilou Motamed
, associate editor of Travel and Leisure magazine



NOTE: Topics and guests are subject to change