The Terror Is Not Nearly Over

Sometimes it's hard to tell what you're up against.

President Bush says he wants to off Usama bin Laden by the first anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

That's good. He should, and I hope he succeeds. But the terror won't stop there.

The radicalized Islamic world is breeding terrorists like flies, and they're going to be buzzing around our heads for quite some time to come.

Yes, we've all seen pictures of the Mohammad Attas and the Marwan Al-Shehhis of the world who look like normal, nice men who fit right in…

Now let's look at the terrorists of the year 2020. They're the members of the graduating class from a preschool in Gaza, where five-year-olds practice posing like the older boys and men they see in their lives — the people who they are being molded to emulate.

So who do you think these kids are going to grow up to be? Are they going to fill the shoes of the 'new leadership' President Bush spoke about?

Are they going to be the engines of economic activity that everybody believes might save the Middle East from years and years of fire?

Are they going to be the forces of moderation and civilization which will turn the tone of the Arab world from confrontation and hatred of the West to a bright future of cooperation without terror?

Could it be these little munchkins will grow up, see the light and drag their world back from the abyss?

I feel like Steve Martin in an old Saturday Night Live bit... Nawwwwww.

This is what we're up against: It's an army of kids. You can't actually fight them until they've grown up, and you hardly even know they're coming. All of a sudden, they're on top of you with this fury and this hatred.

The question now is... can we build a wall high enough?

That's My Word.

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