Look Ma, No Ads

Finally, a network show without yapping commercials — well, sort of.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire producer Michael Davies is pitching a new live variety/news show — called Live From Tomorrow — that will incorporate advertisers' products in the program itself.

The show, aimed at young people, would eliminate the need for commercial breaks, according to a report in Advertising Age.

"It's not that the show is one big commercial," says Matti Leshem, executive vice president of Davies' production company, Diplomat. 

"We want to create a show in a fun and unique way so that you wouldn't need 30-second commercials," he says. 

"But young people today are just as interested in music and what jeans to wear or what the next cool cell phone is," Leshem says. 

The show would feature several segments, dealing with movies, music, technology, sex and fashion — each with a plug integrated "organically" as Davies did on Millionaire with AT&T and the phone-a-friend lifeline. 

"That was a completely organic integration, it made sense and didn't feel weird to the audience in anyway," Leshem said. 

Leshem and Davies — who haven't sold the show to any network yet — are pitching for a six episode run next summer. They have a first-look deal with ABC.

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