Guests and Topics: June 24

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A major U.S. ally is pulling out of Afghanistan does this mean more U.S. troops to the region? Oliver North joins the debate

Plus, the latest in the Elizabeth Smart case. Detectives investigating the disappearance of 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart have been questioning a convict who worked in the Smart home more than a year ago and say they haven't ruled him out as a suspect.

The man, Richard Albert Ricci, was arrested on an unrelated parole violation June 14, police spokesman Fred Louis said. That was nine days after Elizabeth Smart was reportedly taken at gunpoint from her bedroom in an affluent Salt Lake City neighborhood.

Police Chief Rick Dinse told KSTU television on Sunday that investigators haven't been able to pin down the man's whereabouts on the morning of the abduction. Detectives have been questioning the man for more than a week; he has not been charged in the kidnapping. Family member Tom Smart and his wife will talk to Hannity & Colmes.


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